Why Should I get My Bike Serviced?

By Velocipede

| 16 Apr, 2020 |


Whether you are a cycling enthusiastic, you ride a bike to work or school, or even if you just enjoy an occasional ride, everyone could benefit from a bike service. By getting a regular service, you can ride comfortably knowing you are protected against any malfunctions with your regular or electric bike.

What do Bike Services Entail?

Most common bike services are similar to your average car service. The goal is always to assess any possible damaged or worn components, and ensure you have the safest most enjoyable ride possible. Here are some of the steps that are typically taken when servicing a regular bike.

  • A Quick Clean

To make sure you are riding in style, most bike workshops will do a quick clean of your bicycle beforehand. This also aids in their ability to assess your bike for damaged components. However, it is always best to keep your bike clean anyway to avoid corrosion and further damage to your bike.

  • Necessary Adjustments are made

Each key part of your bicycle is assessed by professionals to ensure your bike has only the utmost safety. Some of these pieces include your brakes, chain, cables, brifters, and derailleurs.

  • Final Checks

They then examine your tyre pressure and wheels, brake pads, and the seat and stem. All of these checks are done to see if your bike is capable of safely carrying you from point A to B.

What are the Benefits of a Bike Service?

While it may sound great to get all of these check-ups done, you may wonder what other benefits there are to getting professional services. Most importantly, it increases your safety, whilst decreasing your risk of accidents. If your bike was to break down on a busy road, or in a remote area, you may find yourself at risk of harm. By ensuring your bicycle is functioning as it should, you can better avoid any of these inconvenient and dangerous mishaps.

Furthermore, bikes can be expensive, and avoiding breaks and malfunctions early on can save you money. By not giving your bicycle the attention it deserves, you are letting it degrade overtime. To avoid damage to your expensive belongings, it is always important to check-up on them once in a while.

Finally, your local bike shop can help you adjust your bike to your personal needs. You may find riding your bike uncomfortable, or perhaps you feel you are putting in more work than necessary. By doing regular services, you can discuss the ergonomics of your bike with a professional. Ultimately, they can help you get the best out of your bike.

Where can I find Bike Shops Near Me?

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