Why Maintaining Your Bike is as Important as Servicing Your Car

By Velocipede

| 20 Jun, 2020 |


Whether you cycle for fun, fitness or your commute to work, maintaining your bike to ensure that it is performing at its best at all times is incredibly important. Not only will maintaining your bike correctly maximise its lifespan, but it will also mean that you can rest assured you are safe when you are riding it.

So why is bike maintenance so essential?

Everyone knows that driving a car that is in need of repair is potentially dangerous; well, the same is true of your bike. And let’s face it, when you are on a bike, there is nothing between you and the road, so you could venture the opinion that it is even more important!

Keep it Clean

If you ride your bike regularly, either on the road or on tracks and trails, the dirt and grime will slowly build up over time. While it is tempting (very tempting!) after a ride to just stick your bike in the garage and relax, you will pay the price for not giving your bike a good clean and some TLC after each ride. Mud and rain can take their toll on your bike and affect its performance over time. Spending a precious few minutes to clean it down and remove any debris and mud will pay off in the long run.

To save time and avoid having to take your bike apart:

  1. Use a spray-on cleaner that is specially designed for cleaning bikes.
  2. Using a bike brush, make sure you scrub all those little nooks and crannies where dirt can build up.
  3. Dry your bike and lubricate any moving parts to ensure they don’t deteriorate.

Keep it Safe

While there are some aspects of bike maintenance that you can do yourself, if you notice any more significant issues that need attention, you should book your bike in for a service. Checking brake pads, cables and hoses should be something you do as a matter of course before and after every ride. If you notice something amiss, such as spongy brakes, then your bike should be serviced at the earliest opportunity. It is not worth risking your safety and venturing out on a bike whose brakes are not working at full capacity or which may seize up at any given moment.

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Maintaining your bike is important for your safety. If mechanical problems are identified and fixed quickly, you will be safer when you are out riding. You wouldn’t drive a car that had significant mechanical issues, so don’t ride your bike.

Contact Velocipede today to get the most out of your bike and ensure a safe ride every time.