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To take full advantage of Caffélatex sealant, we created complete kits, to convert standard bicycle wheels into tubeless. Intended for Tubeless and Tubeless-Ready mountain bike and road tyres.


  • A complete tubeless conversion kit.
  • Eco-friendly: its packaging is a Portatutto tool bottle!

Caffélatex Tubeless Kit is intended for Tubeless and Tubeless-Ready off-road tyres, applying one layer of Caffélatex Tubeless Tape (two across the valve hole). WARNING: the use of Caffélatex Tubeless Conversion Kit with standard mountain bike tube-type tyres is done under the user’s sole responsibility.

Standard road wheels can also be converted to tubeless with Caffélatex Tubeless Kit, applying two layers of Caffélatex Tubeless Tape (three across the valve hole). WARNING: for road applications, due to the higher inflating pressure compared to off-road riding, tubeless or tubeless-ready tyres are the only ones that will function (tube-type tyres might explode… either immediately after mounting them or during a ride, with the risk of serious injuries or death).