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The Dirtsurfer Mud Guard Fenders have been specially designed to protect your face, frame, fork stanchions and seals by deflecting grunge with the power of mind-bendingly powerful graphics. For the first time in history, dirt and grime will cower and run when they see you coming.
100% Australian made, the Dirtsurfer Mudguard is where function and art meet head on and explode in a creative cloud of colour and personality with uber-cool designs. Using a stiff material but enough flex so they bend on impact, the Dirtsurfer is highly functional as well as looking like something you’d see hanging on the walls of a modern art gallery.
As well as the myriad of fun, bold and colourful designs, there are also limited editions specially commissioned by talented artists, sure to become collector’s pieces.
Dirtsurfer has an environmentally sound ethos and designed the mudguards and the packaging to be 100% recyclable, and the mudguard itself has been made using the world’s first 100% carbon neutral polypropylene sheet.