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Our competitive rates are listed below. there's a service to suit everyone.... We can also tailor servicing to suit your custom needs for those out of the square situations.

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Standard Service - $99.00

  • Brake & Gear Adjust
  • Chain checked and lubed
  • Bar, stem, seat tightened
  • Tyres & wheels inspected for wear or damage
  • Tyres pumped
  • All bearings checked and adjusted or replaced
  • Brake and gear cables services or replaced
  • Brake pads replaced as necessary


Premier Service - $149.00

= Standard Service, plus

  • Chain, cassette, cranks, font & rear derailleur degreased and lubed or replaced
  • Wheels washed, trued and tensioned
  • Frame cleaned


 Deluxe Service - $299.00

= Premier Service, plus;

  • Complete wash and degrease
  • Frame & fork cleaned and inspected for alignment
  • All cables & pads replaced and/or brakes bleed
  • Pre and post bike weight providedSet to BG Fit data